Audit And Assurance

1. Financial Audit:

(i) Internal Audit

(i) Internal Audit

(ii) Revenue Audit

(iii) Stock Audit

2. Statutory Audit:

(i) Company Audit

(ii) Tax Audit

(iii) Bank Audit

3. System Audit

4. Management Audit

5. Cost Audit

6. Forensic Audit

7. Concurrent Audit

1. Employee Benefit Plans

2. Attestation Services


4. Risk Assurance


Back-office and support functions entail resources of an organisation in terms of manpower, competence and accuracy, and significant time, all these translating these functions into a significant cost centre for an organisation. Outsourcing is increasingly being leveraged by organizations to seek better management focus on core activities for strategic results and transfer back-office and support functions including compliance activities to a competent and knowledgeable outsourced services provider. It has truly emerged as a strategic tool to enhance performance, increase flexibility, control costs and optimize their operations. At M. S. Chhajed & Co., we help you decide what functions can be outsourced successfully, and work with you to develop and implement a measurable outsourcing solution that aligns with your key business goals.

Accounts Outsourcing team at M. S. Chhajed & Co. can help you and your business to prosper by taking over routine yet complex activities like payroll management, bookkeeping.Our key offerings in the Business Outsourcing include:

1. Book-keeping

2. Payroll Management

3. Profit and Cash Flow Forecasting

4. Consolidation Reporting